Poster Guide Lines

  1. Poster may be submitted for any topic on OTOLOGY
  2. It is mandatory for the Author & Presenter of the Poster to be registered
    for the conference.
  3. The Poster must be in English with not more than 250 words using Times New Roman with font size 12. (excluding title, author and Institutional affiliations)
  4. Title must be in capital letters. It should be short and concise.
  5. The name of authors should follow immediately under the title in one line. Type initials and family name of authors in BLOCK letters and underline the Presenter’s name.
  6. Posters should be structured under following headings.
    • Objectives
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions
  7. Use of standard abbreviations is desirable. Please use special or unusual abbreviations in brackets after the full word, the first time it appears. Use numerals to indicate numbers, except to begin sentences.
  8. Do not include graphs and references in the poster.
  9. Use single-line vertical spacing and leave one line between paragraphs.
  10. Your poster should be composed in 16/9 ratio (wide screen).
  11. Your poster should consist of one slide of Power Point only.
  12. Students must attach a student certificate forwarded by their Head of the Department.
  13. In e-mail correspondence, for Subject – please mention ‘POSTER’ : followed by Title.
  14. Posters should be submitted before 15th June 2022.
  15. Poster results will be sent via e-mail notification by 30th June 2022. Only the primary author will be notified regarding the acceptance or rejection of the poster.
  16. For any further assistance, please contact Dr Reshma +91 82819 09897 / Mr. Amit +91 77380 86391